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Our customers are midsize Finnish companies who believe in our professional skills.


“I find it very important that our partners fully understand our business and are ready to grow and continue this journey with us. EmCe fits this criterion perfectly “

Teemu Lappi, Business Excellence Manager of iLOQ

Note! The video is spoken in Finnish with English subtitles.

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“It was especially great that EmCe thought about our future. EmCe was able to guide us to think about what decisions and solutions we should make when our business is likely to grow at next stage.”

Heidi Jaara, CEO & Designer of Balmuir

Note! The video is spoken in Finnish.

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“I value a long-term partnership with EmCe. We have a long history of cooperation, which has included both ups and downs, but we have always been able to solve problems quickly and efficiently.”

Panu Tolonen, CTO of EasyZone

Note! The video is spoken in finnish.

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“It was important to us that the partner is reachable. EmCe understood our needs and took care of things on schedule, as planned.”

Jaana Moilanen, Logistics Director of Idesco

Note! The video is spoken in Finnish.

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