The Unifaun delivery management solution provides a better customer experience and a more straightforward delivery process.

Through us, you get the Unifaun delivery and transportation management solution, which can be integrated into your company’s enterprise resource planning functions and improves competitiveness in the crucial phase of the customer experience – delivery.

Unifaun streamlines delivery processes in a data-driven way. An extensive transport network allows for optimising delivery processes from the online store checkout, ordering the transport and printing the documents to tracking the transport. The solution is suitable for companies of all sizes in the manufacturing industry as well as for deliveries to corporate and private customers. Optimised delivery and transport management improves efficiency by bringing the costs of operations to the lowest possible level, and provides a better delivery experience as the transport is organised in a way that suits the recipient’s needs.

Best advantages of the solution

  • Serves several lines of business extensively
  • Quick deployment and updatable system
  • Optimisation minimises loss of time and the environmental impact of transport
  • Improved speed and accuracy of deliveries
  • Easy scalability

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