Initial setup for Agreement invoicing

  • These are the settings that determine the numbering of contracts and their sales and sales credit invoices.
  • Number series lines are added as usual in Business Central.

Creating a new Agreement   

  • Agreements New

Adding the Agreement information

  • The Agreement number comes automatically as a running number according to the settings of the Agreement Nos. number series.
  • When the Valid switch is off, no sales invoices will be generated from the agreement until it is turned on. Valid should only be turned on last.
  • The Status field specifies whether the agreement has been signed or not. If the value is Unfinished, sales invoices cannot be generated from the agreement.
  • Invoicing Date affects the date of creation of the first invoice. If the field is empty, the first invoice will be generated after the time defined in the Invoicing period field, calculated from the start date of the agreement.
    • If for example, 1M has been selected as the Invoicing period, setting the value of Invoicing date to -1M creates the first invoice for the start date of the agreement.
  • With Posting Date, you can affect the posting date of the agreement’s sales invoices. If the Invoicing period is set to, for example, 1M, the value of the Posting Date field -1D sets the posting date of the agreement’s sales invoices to the last day of the previous month.
  • You can insert a line comment for agreement invoices by leaving the Type field empty and writing a comment in the Description field.
  • By default, all lines are added to every sales invoice of the agreement. If certain lines are only wanted for a single invoice, add a checkmark to the Single Invoicing option. In the example above, the App Subscription line is created for all invoices, but the Start-up fee and the comment line will be added only to the first sales invoice. The invoicing period line is automatically created as its own line for agreement sales invoices.
  • You can add a reference number for your agreement by selecting Procress -> Create Reference No. This way the generated Agreement’s reference number will be on every invoice of this Agreement.

When the agreement information has been entered and it is ready for invoicing, turn the Valid switch on. After this, sales invoices for the agreement can be created.